Frequently Asked Questions

About Game Pitch Base

A.Game Pitch Base allows Developers to create Pitch pages in order to present the games they are working on to Publishers. Pitch pages encompass game content, business plans, and other information related to an in-development video game. Publishers can browse Pitch pages created by Developers in order to find titles they would like to support, market and publish.
A.Developers looking for financing and development support for their game from Publishers can create Pitches. Pitches present a game's contents, business plan, and other relevant details.
A.The level of support provided as part of a Publisher contract can vary significantly, so it is important to be clear about the type of support that you will require upfront. The following are typical forms of support offered by Publishers: - Financing of development costs - Localization - QA services (debugging and other quality assurance) - Marketing - Sales & distribution (registration with sales outlets, etc.) - Porting software to other platforms
A.Traditionally, the majority of contact between Developers and Publishers occurs at physical events such as game expos. However, the location of such events can limit an Organization's ability to participate, and successfully finding new opportunities is not guaranteed. Moreover, events are busy places. Between running playtests and presenting game materials, finding the time to talk to Publishers can take time and effort. We created Game Pitch Base to try to solve these problems, creating a platform specifically for matching up Developers with Publishers.
A.Anybody can create a user account for free. Publishing Pitch pages or registering as a Publisher to view Pitch pages requires a paid subscription. However, these functions can be used free of charge during the beta period (until December 20, 2024 JST).
A.Companies can use the service, too. User accounts are created individually, but the service also allows your company to register officially as an Organization. Please use this feature to register your company on our platform. Our team reviews and verifies all Publisher registrations before they are granted access to the platform.
A.The platform interface itself is available in English and Japanese. However, users are able to create Pitch pages, user profiles, and other related content in other languages of their choosing.

About account registration

A.As the two services share an account system, it is necessary to register for GAME CREATORS CAMP in order to use Game Pitch Base.
A.Game Pitch Base can only be used by persons aged 18 or older.
A.Company employees can register to use the service. However, we do ask that company employees get official permission from their employer before they list their company affiliation in their user profile or anywhere else on the site.
A.Individuals and company employees can all use the site without declaring their nationality.
A.You can choose any username you like. It doesn't have to be your real name. You can also change your username after account registration.

About Pitch Pages

A.Please have a look at our Online Guide for more information on how to create Pitch pages and Pitch Decks. (Available only in Japanese)
A.Only user accounts belonging to a registered Publisher Organization can browse and view Pitches. Our team verifies all Publishers on our platform before they are given access.
A.Our team does not review Pitches before they are uploaded. However, please be aware that any pages or contributions that do not follow our Terms and Conditions or our Guidelines for Posting may be suspended or removed.
A.The copyright for posted content, including Pitch pages, remains the property of the user who posted the content.
A.You can use the service regardless of whether your game is digital or physical (board game, card game, tabletop game, etc.).
A.Unfortunately, we are not able to accept posts related to adult content on our platform. For more details regarding our upload policy, please review our Guidelines for Posting.
A.You can only post content that you own the copyright to. You cannot post content that infringes on a third party's copyright and/or other rights. To create a Pitch page for a fan game or other derivative work, you must first acquire permission from the original rights holder.

About Publisher Registration

A.When we receive a Publisher application, we conduct a series of checks to verify your company's authenticity. We may decline your application if we cannot verify your company's official website.
A.You can apply to become a Publisher regardless of whether you are based in Japan or another country/region.
A.Individual users can create a Pitch page even if they are affiliated with a Publisher. However, if you want your Pitch page to be attached to a Development Organization, that can only be done with a Developer registration. In that case, creating a separate registration as a Developer would be necessary.
A.When choosing a plan, the Publisher should select the plan that covers the number of users who will be using the Pitch browsing features. Your plan does not need to cover employees who won't use the service.
A.We do not dictate any kind of limitations or restrictions upon contracts. Contracts between Developers and Publishers are negotiated and decided by the two parties on their own terms.
A.We do not charge any fees related to contracts between users.

About Communications Between Users

A.Users can exchange direct messages between themselves. There is a button on each Pitch page that allows users affiliated with a Publisher to send a message request to the Pitch page's Representative. The two users can exchange messages freely if the request is accepted.
A.It is possible to send a message request to a specific user by visiting their profile. You will only be able to send them a message once they have accepted your message request.
A.We do not allow users to use the platform to discuss matters unrelated to their uploaded Pitches. For example, communications related to other business requests, seeking employment, or further negotiations are prohibited.
A.If a problem occurs while messaging other users, it may become necessary for our administration team to review the message's contents. For this reason, we recommend that you not use our platform to exchange confidential business information, contract negotiations, and other sensitive topics.

About Closing My Account

A.Game Pitch Base shares an account system with GAME CREATORS CAMP. Closing your GAME CREATORS CAMP account will also close your account for this service.
A.As both of these services share an account system, it is impossible to close one account without also closing the other.

About the Beta

A.In order to allow a wide range of users to try the service and to gather feedback that will help us to make improvements for the full release, all features are currently available free of charge. The full release will require payment to access the following features: - Uploading Pitch pages (for one year) - Browsing Pitch pages (one-year access, number of users varies by plan)
A.The beta is scheduled to last until December 20, 2024 JST. Pitches posted during the beta period will also remain available until February 20, 2025 JST.
A.We will not be taking any automatic payments. Pitches posted during the beta period will also remain available until February 20, 2025 JST. If you wish to continue to keep any Pitches published, you are required to pay the necessary fees and recreate the Pitch pages. Publishers who wish to continue viewing Pitch pages will need to purchase a plan based on the number of members in your Organization.
If you have any further questions, please contact us.